Medical Care for
New York’s Homeless.

Nonprofit providers: You can now access high-quality medical care that has been developed and designed for your residents’ needs.

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Being homeless is not easy.

Individuals or families who find themselves homeless can be more susceptible to emotional, mental, or physical health issues. And without a permanent location, it's a struggle to maintain a relationship with a care provider and get continuity of care.

Give your residents customized care.
Support them to better wellness, improved quality of life, and a shorter journey to permanent housing.

In innovative partnerships with accredited medical facilities, Mulberry Place combine first-class medical expertise and 30+ years of sensitivity to the homeless to create personalized, more compassionate medical care – designed to meet your resident’s unique needs.

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We work with youto help your residents.

Whether it’s at one of our 40+ sites, or by designing a custom facility at your shelter — we are your first call for helping your residents on the path to health and wellness.

Clinical Call Line

Family Care

Pediatric Care

Preventive Medicine



Psychiatric Care

Internal Medicine

Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment

Social Day Care Placement

We offer you the best.

Board Certified Doctors and Licensed Medical Professionals

Extended evening and weekend hours

40+ Cutting-Edge Facilities

At Mulberry Place, we’re creating more innovative solutions, better resources, and a stronger future.


We believe that customized medical care is a crucial part of the solution to homelessness. By providing residents with medical care that is compassionate, continuous, and finely attuned to their needs, they can quicker get on the path to health, and ultimately, permanent housing.


Accessing quality medical care should be simple and hassle-free for both providers and their residents. With 40+ convenient locations, extended weekend and evening hours, and the possibility of creating customized facilities on-site -- it is now easy to get premium care, faster.

Culturally Sensitive

We have been innovating better solutions to improve the lives of thousands of homeless people over three decades. As always, we are extremely sensitive to cultural differences and diversity, and champion inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

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